some “should eradicate evil” and listen to those stupid soldiers chattering-is there still a king’s law? !

Viscount Horn cursed secretly in his heart, but he dared not say what he was thinking about, because these things were orders from Victoria, the Duke of Regent, and the Great Duke of the North, who had the power of winter, was stationed not far to the north. , He felt that every word he said insultingly here would immediately reach the ears of the female 南京品茶网 grandfather-that is not a good thing.
The cold wind seemed to blow in through the cracks in the carriage, and Viscount Horn couldn’t help tightening the already thick and warm coat-he was a low-level spellcaster, but the perennial wine has long emptied his Body, even with the protection of the breeze shield, he felt that the weather was unbearable, and at the same time, he heard the soldiers outside still chanting:
“Three people were found in the cellar, all dead, they are obviously doing it. In the case of blasphemy, blood-stained altars and vessels containing suspicious liquids were found at the scene.
“The whereabouts of the original owner of the house is unknown. People on the street said that they had disappeared since the beginning of winter. This is consistent with the whistleblower’s description.
” The three cultists may have 南京桑拿论坛 committed suicide or infighting. This requires your judgement, an adult.”
Viscount Horne has a hint of impatientness under his eyes, but he still speaks in an unhurried tone-this kind of keeping specific The rhyme 南京水磨会所 and the strictly restricted speaking style of every word is a necessary recuperation that a qualified nobleman must have: “I have understood – in short, someone reported to the knight that they found traces of cultists, and then you I really found the desecrated altar and three dead cultists here. It’s clear and unmistakable, right?” The
soldier’s voice came from outside: “Yes, my lord-there is also a missing resident”
“I know, I know,” Viscount Horn interrupted the soldier, “I know this, so