importantly, they must also have the spirit of perseverance, so that women will be willing to be caught by the playboys.

“Ah, you guys are talking here, I’ll go say hello to my friends.” Jiang Hao smiled and left.
In this way, Jiang Hao greeted him with a dozen people present, and no one saw him. At this moment, the large transparent skylight on the top of the building suddenly opened, and a meteor struck across the sky, and finally stayed on top of the skylight. It is Iron Man.
Ion waves spurted from his feet and hands, slowly falling from the 南京炮网 sky. DJ is a very eye-catching guy, and he immediately remembered the passionate music.
Iron Man landed steadily on the platform, and the guests immediately cheered and applauded. With a snort, the mask opened, revealing the handsome face of Robert Downey Jr., and gently waved to the audience.
This way of admission is coquettish enough, but when will the big shit stop coquettish.
Zi Zi Zi!
Tony’s steel suit shrank for a while, quickly took off from his body, and finally closed into a box.
“Wow! Tony, you are so handsome!” Many women screamed.
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Chapter 1241: Saving people from danger
Looking at Tony’s armor, Jiang Hao has a feeling of golden light. In all Marvel movies, he feels that Iron Man’s suit is the most handsome, perhaps Boys have a love for machinery in their genes, don’t you see that children like excavators and road rollers?
The current Iron Man suit should only be Mark 4. The model of the back suit is getting higher 南京龙凤论坛 and higher, and the way to wear it is getting more and more cool. After that, it can be equipped with a single piece of equipment, automatic equipment, and even in the end, Iron Man’s suit is made of nano Technology can be worn on the body like running water.
Looking at the circular Ark reactor, Jiang Hao knew that the current reactor is still the first generation, and Tony still suffers from the radiation of palladium.
Due to the energy-generating re