ame. When he said that I was a little ignorant when I found a way, it was actually wrong. I should find a stronger one to melt. , Or open a way by yourself”

Tongtianhou said in shock: “Is the lord the reincarnation of the king? Why do you say the same!”
Su Yu chuckled: “Seeing through the essence, everything is the same, and it is natural to say that it is almost the same. If you ask the Emperor, the Emperor will give you the same answer!”
Gang Jingmen hurriedly said, “Explanation is to cover up. , I understand that the owner is really Wang Fusheng.”
Su Yu’s eyes are sharp!
Gang Jingmen shut up instantly!
I was wrong, I won’t say anything.
At this moment, he was a little more cautious, vigilant, and a little scared, Wang?
Really the king?
He looked at Su Yu, took a closer look, and said, “He is really a king! Look, he has a small door on his forehead! He is also wearing a white robe! He also says the same thing as Wang! He also uses a pen knife. There is also, he just went to Wang’s house! Also, he also said that he is a scholar, and “It’s
fine if he 南京水磨会所 doesn’t say it. When he said that, the eyes of a group of people were a little strange.
Su Yu is really more and more like a king!
Su Yu looked at them, looked at Tongtianhou, this guy should be spreading rumors again!
He was too lazy to say.
Whether it’s the king or the emperor, in fact, if you really see something through, you must be somewhat similar in temperament. As for talking like nonsense, this is true for anyone who sees through the essence of the avenue!
You don’t understand, just know it!
Soon, Tian Mian was not interested in whether Su Yu was the king or not, and hurriedly said, “Will you still search?”
At this moment, the power of the rules seemed to calm down.
Su Yu glanced, the heavenly gate opened, like three eyes, looking at the void, the void, the force of the rules, ready to go, as if preparing for a thunderous 南京炮网 blow!
The strength of the rules in different regions is different in intensity.
Su Y