verything is arranged and played for you!”

Ren Xiaosu listened to all this silently, if the other party If it is true, then he must go to the Wang family.
Moreover, we must re-examine the relationship between him and Wang.
There is no room for compromise in the assassination of Jiang Xu.
However, Ren Xiaosu always felt that everything Luo Zongren said was a bit strange, he began to fall into thinking, recollecting everything the other party said.
It would be great if Wang Yun was here. Wang Yun is an expert at analyzing lies, and is best at finding loopholes in the other party’s language logic.
At this time, Luo Lan asked Luo Zongren from the side: “Which department do you belong to?”
Luo Zongren replied naturally: “Don’t deliberately test me, I belong to Wang Wenyan, of course I am also in the intelligence department.”
“Hey, I’m sorry,” Luo Lan said with a smile, “I’m afraid you didn’t expect it. Wang’s life was afraid that someone would plant and frame them, so I sent someone 南京桑拿论坛 to Los Angeles, which happened to be from the Intelligence Division. Coming in!” While
speaking, a young man in a suit was twisted into the basement by Qing soldiers. The young man said coldly, “We made a special trip to clarify things. Do you treat guests like this? ”
Luo Lan walked to the young man with a smile, and then caught the face of the young man with a slap caught off guard: “If we find out that Jiang Xu’s death is related to your Wang family, you don’t want to walk out of Los Angeles alive and still follow What kind of hospitality can I talk about? Come and recognize it. This is a person from your intelligence department. Here is the witness. What else can be quibble.”
The young man looked at Luo Zongren, and then became more angry: “This is not a person from our intelligence department at all. He is slandering us. What 南京水磨会所 evidence do you have that our Wang family did it? What is the evidence?”
Luo Lan looked at him. Luo Zongren: “Evidence, don’t worry, Wang can’t kill you here.”
Luo Zongre