Very happy, very happy.
Although this teacher is not very responsible, I have to say that when he first came to Daxia Civilization Academy, Bai Feng still taught him a lot of things and gave him a lot of help.
Moreover, 南京夜生活论坛Bai Feng taught him many things, even some secrets.
Divine text combat skills are split, talents are made with essence and blood, these Su Yu are metropolises, outsiders can’t long for them, Bai Feng’s side, that is to pass him casually.
As well as the hundred drops of Poshan Niu’s essence blood used in the beginning of the foundation building, Su Yu knew that Poshan Niu’s essence blood is so useful. It has to be said that Poshan Niu died a lot, and Bai Feng was also an indirect executioner.
Since Bai Feng was punished to the battlefield of the heavens, Su Yu has hardly seen him.
Last time I appeared as Cui Lang, and did not meet with Bai Feng.
At this moment, meeting again, Su Yu is really in a good mood.
On the battlefield of the heavens, a pack of wolves waited around, and there was no credible person around. That kind of feeling, survived in the cracks, for fear that someone 南京炮网 behind him would suddenly give himself a knife, and Su Yu was extremely insecure.
But at this moment, it is a lot relaxed.
He relaxed, but Bai Feng was vigilant, looking around, cursing.
This cousin is too cheating!南京龙凤论坛
You have to be careful on the way back.
Wu Yuehua had already escaped into the void and went to inspect the secret enemy. Bai Feng led the way while cursing: “When you arrive at Daxia Mansion, there will be a caravan in Daxia Mansion that will go to Daming Mansion. You will go with the caravan, you This idiot, get out
as soon as possible!”
“I’m of the same blood as you.” Su Yu smiled and put his mouth in the mouth, as Bai Junsheng’s identity, blasted Lao Bai with anger, as if he was also very cool.
Bai Feng was indeed half-dead, and said angrily: “What happened to Grandpa? What did my father tell you to tell me?”
“Grandpa failed to regain the Yang Ape