ng Talisman didn’t see anything, just a little depressed, but Tiangu saw something. He phantom projected outside the fairy world, looked at the sky, raised his head, and was speechless for a long time.

too fast!
How long is this?
Has Su Yu inherited the avenue of King Wen?
That path seems to belong to King Wen.
“Rong Dao”
Tian Gu murmured, Su Yu should be still in the long river of time, but when he comes out, he will be genuine and eternal!
Above Tiangu’s head, a huge road appeared faintly.
That is Xianhuang Avenue!
Tian Gu’s eyes were complicated, and he murmured, ”
Is the “Xianhuang” dead?
He has some feelings, the emperor is not dead yet!
The immortal emperor is immortal, and he can’t become the 南京炮网 ruler of the rule, unless he goes another way.
Of course, he can strengthen himself now, how to strengthen?
In fact, the difficulty is not low. For the immortal clan, it is only if you die some of the roads, and die some of the roads of the Xianhuang Avenue. In recent years, there are not many people who walk the Xianhuang Avenue, and they are all rejected by Tiangu.
Or simply die!
Thoughts surfaced in his mind. Looking at the realms of Gods and Demons, Tian Gu felt that he couldn’t wait any longer!
Is the current strength enough?
He, Jiwu, Demon Leap, Demon Halberd, Phoenix Emperor, Underworld Emperor, Ape Emperor, Tianlong Hou, Fuwang, Abyss Hou, Jiantian Hou, Duobao, and counting, there are actually a total of 12 Hedao Stages!
But Duobao and Jiantianhou, the situation is hard to say now.
“Is there no protoss? The two protoss that were born in the last tide have joined together, and 南京龙凤网 南京419论坛 they have gone?”
Tiangu murmured, and King Fu said, he didn’t know the situation. There was not much dealing with them on the protoss side. Did that not leave?
It can’t go on like this!
“There is still life emperor who didn’t make a move.”
Tian Gu thought about it for a while, and then thought of a few ancient tribes. They didn’t make a move last time. Some were too late,