” Xiao Du slowed down After a sigh of relief, he found that he still felt safe with Guo Miao and Song An.

“Didn’t he find the staff inside?” Guo Miao and Song An’s expressions changed slightly, and this haunted house did not follow the rules at all!
“There is not a staff member in that group of dolls.”
“It’s not the staff who 南京龙凤网 moved, how can the dolls always follow us? Although Han Qiuming is mean and selfish, he is still very professional in the field of haunted house design.”
“I don’t know. , Teacher Han disassembled all the dolls and found no 南京品茶网 secret, they are very ordinary dolls.”
” Did you take apart the dolls in the haunted house?” Guo Miao felt the vague premonition in his heart. Slowly become reality.
“I reminded him, he still pulled off the heads of all the dolls.” Xiao Du said with a face: “You don’t know the scene at that time. Teacher Han stood in a pile of dolls and said Chen The boss smashed the Tian Teng hospital, and he wants to make boss Chen’s haunted house upside down!”
After hearing Xiao Du’s words, Guo Miao and Song Angan froze.
God is in full swing!
There is a limit to death!
Why do you have to compare with a perverted murderer!
“What’s the matter with you two?” Xiao Du found that Guo Miao and Song An were silent, and the atmosphere was a little serious: “Are you also scared? I have been walking behind the team, always feeling that someone is 南京夜生活论坛 following us, every time I look back I found that those dolls were a little closer. By the way! One of the dolls seems to have smiled at me!”
“Xiao Du, things about the dolls are actually not important.” The smoke in Guo Miao’s mouth was bitten off just now, he Picked it up in a hurry and stuffed it into his pocket.
“It doesn’t matter? Boss, those dolls are roughly twenty. If they are all alive, we will be cool.” Xiao Du was surprised by his boss’s reaction, which was completely different from what he imagined.
“The boss is right. Now there is a more difficult problem that we need to solve.” Song An’s expression is