ly Lingyun Erzhong!

This is really scary!
Lingyun Erzhong exerts the power of mountains and seas, and Shanhai Erzhong exerts the power of mountains and seas.南京龙凤论坛 This is a completely different concept.
Under the blow of the floating earth spirit, countless thoughts flashed in his mind, Lingyun Erzhong,
who can defeat the mountains and seas?
Vaguely, several names appeared, and without a word, they instantly turned into water and fled into the water!
He didn’t fall into the wind, but it’s better not to fight this guy.
Poshan cattle family, where is such a genius, nonsense.
has a problem!
He thought of a person who was a real person. He cursed secretly and wiped it out. Wouldn’t he meet that guy?
That guy is good at disguising!
And Su Yu was also surprised and shocked. Seeing the other party turning into water, and the turning water was still a bit rusty.
Su Yu was surprised, shocked, and suddenly thought of something.
Have I met each other?
I rub!
This is not a pure water 南京夜生活论坛spirit race!
What he thought of, without saying anything, quickly melted the water and dived into the sea.
At this moment, the two currents, like sharp swords, swiftly shuttled through the water!
“It’s really him!”
Floating Earth Spirit waited for the other party to turn into water. 南京桑拿会所 At this moment, his head exploded. It was really him!
Su Yu!
Poured blood mold!
I felt dangerous on the shore. When I first came into the water, I actually met Su Yu. Many people were looking for him. How could this guy be met by myself!
At the rear, Su Yu’s heart was shaken.
Floating Earth Spirit!
Damn it, I recognized it, it turned out to be a floating earth spirit, this guy can actually turn water.
This is not the key, the key is that this guy is very strong!
His own double blow from the mountain and the sea failed to hurt the opponent, and was shocked back by the opponent!
The point is that Su Yu thought he hadn’t come, and wanted to find him.
The identity may have been discovered b