e founding hero really likes’business’, and he rose quickly by relying on the power of businessmen.” The

dark crow lowered his head and said, “Are you going to investigate the situation of those businessmen?”
南京水磨会所 “No need It’s not a wise move to alarm other guests of the host,” Victoria shook her head, and then suddenly her eyes fell on Dark Crow’s shoulders, and her voice turned colder, “In addition, you have been discovered.”
“Ah?!” Dark Raven One Surprised, he noticed the mistress’s gaze. The royal shadow guard immediately turned his head and finally noticed something strange on the back of his shoulder. He reached out and grabbed it. As a result, he found a small piece in the gap of the leather armor. Small note.
Seeing the content on the note, the royal shadow guard’s face changed suddenly:
“Yeah, take a walk?-the daughter of the shadow goddess stays.”
“The Duchess -” The Dark Crow immediately squatted on the ground, with a voice in it. With shame and a trembling, “I’m taking care of it.”
A blood-solidifying cone of ice seemed to have formed behind his neck. The Royal Shadow Guard felt that his nerves and blood were getting cold a little bit, but the next second, The feeling of deep coldness receded like a tide, and he heard the voice of the Duchess 南京龙凤论坛from the front: “Get up.”
The Dark Raven got up in a cold sweat and stood up as if he was reborn. The Victoria opposite him sighed: “Grand Duke Gawain Cecil trained Anzu’s first batch of royal shadow guards, and he must have the strongest around him. The big shadow master works for it. It is normal that you are not an opponent. After canceling all the secret actions, the shadow master who has never appeared just gave us a warning this time, but when Cecil speaks out, I’m afraid this It’s not just a warning.” The
Dark Crow breathed a sigh of relief, even though he wanted to say that he should know the “shadow goddess pro-daughter” who left a note on him. The other party is not a shadow master at all, and I’m afraid when he fights