ay, you are not pure!”

Cang’s voice followed, with Some desperate meanings: “Impurity? Qiong, you idiot, you are also worthy to tell me that if Su Yu has not provided you with stronger power, how can you break me? There are thousands of ways, only strong and not strong. pure not pure ”
to this moment, even if defeated, Cang Qiong not agree with the view!
Sword, do I 南京419论坛 have to practice kendo?
“I won anyway!”
Qiong was a little proud: “You lost!”
The Cang Sword was constantly shattering, and the Book of Long River was constantly shattering. Su Yu extracted all the broken power.
The remaining books of the Long River suddenly turned black, with only a wave of world-destroying power rippling.
At this moment, Cang’s shadow appeared, a little lost, with a touch of resentment and unwillingness on his face, he suddenly raised his head to look at the sky and towards Chaos, “I am your sword. Why don’t you forge the recruits? What I am controlling?” In the
distance, Su Yu shook his head, hopeless!
On the one hand, Cang hopes that the Lord of Time will let him go and give him a chance to dominate one side. On the other hand, when the Lord of Time forges the recruits, he also hopes to control the 南京龙凤网 recruits. Co-authoring, the Lord of Time can’t forge a weapon?
Su Yu couldn’t understand this kind of thinking.
The Lord of Time wants to save the black scales, wants to recast the spirit of heaven and earth, and the spirit of weapons. Is it also because of Cang’s imperfection that he came up with this idea?
Cang’s thoughts are still very different from people!
But if you save the black scales and use the way of seven emotions and six desires, it may be the same as human thoughts. Is this the unity of man and soldier?
who cares!
At this moment, there was a loud noise, and the world was turbulent.
Cang’s figure was completely broken!
In the void, a silhouette of the firmament emerged. At this moment, it did not absorb the power overflowing from the sky, but was