When Ju Zhuhou heard him directly and the mud, he smiled and said: “Okay, I will choose later! By the way, Jiu Niaohou provokes the five major races and provokes the parliament. How to judge the crime? Since all races are united, there is always a constitution. There are no rules, otherwise, what do you want to decide the race for?”

“Yuan Shenghou, do you think what I said makes sense?”
Ju Zhuhou smiled, this big fat cat is not a good person, otherwise he would not be able to tell Su Yu to kill the three Hedao.
At this moment, it was based on the topic, no matter what Yuan Shenghou and the others are in harmony with! 南京炮网
Anyway, just looking for something!
To establish the status of the iron-eaters, one of the five races that control the right to speak, if you are not a cannon fodder, you should be the boss, even if you can’t be the boss, you can’t be the younger brother, otherwise, the iron-eaters are only in such a small number and are easily consumed. .
Just now, Ju Zhuhou hasn’t figured out how to find the fault. Doesn’t this nine-headed bird have to look at him more?
Of course, that nine-headed bird is not called Jiu Niaohou.
At this moment, Yuan Shenghou frowned slightly, and said: “Jiu Juehou, what’s the matter?”
The nine-headed bird had an ugly face, “Yuan Shenghou, he was deliberately looking for faults.” Juzhu
Hou Han said: “Nonsense, everyone I heard that you want to kill my people and eat their corpses, you still deny it!”
Nine-南京龙凤网 headed bird looked ugly: “You deliberately used the air machine to target this seat, and this seat said so.”
Ju Zhu Hou denied, “I just got here, just look around, why did I target you? There are so many races around, I just target you if others don’t target it? How old are you? Yuan Shenghou, you heard it, and he admits it. the “!
giant bamboo Hou Han Xiao said:”? provocation my family, but my family had revere, even revere race there are so provocative, cold hearts and minds, who would sacrifice their lives for the families of