At this moment, these people carry array talisman and are no longer excluded.

At this moment, a huge eagle howl came!
In the next moment, a huge bird appeared!
Su Yu was slightly startled, Fat Ball was also surprised, “Su Yu, this seems to be the bird that was shot last March!”
Yes, they seemed to have seen it in Chaos Mountain last time!
When they fled, March seemed to have beaten this bird!
Su Yu was also shocked, from Chaos Mountain!
The 南京桑拿会所 upper realm and the lower realm, no, and the Necro Realm, the Chaos Realm are actually connected together.
The depths of the homeland, the depths of the endless void, and the depths of the Chaos Mountains, these three places may be connected. Of course, walking in the depths of the Chaos will encounter danger at any time!
Under normal circumstances, even the ruler would not dare to walk the Three Realms in chaos!
Su Yu’s heart moved slightly, and the next moment, he shouted: “Kill them, don’t keep one, kill them with speed!”
These ancient beasts cannot stay.
Otherwise, once there is any collusion with the prison king, the news may leak out on his side.
Moreover, killing these ancient beasts is good!
Without the barrier ancient beasts in the Chaos Mountain, the ten thousand races may go to war.
This is a good thing!
Su Yu roared: “All attack! Don’t worry about the repulsive force! Fat Ball, September, Cooking Cake, Emperor King, you are responsible for devouring the power of Chaos, emptying the power of Chaos near everyone, and killing them!”
“Woo! 南京桑拿论坛 “The
fat ball roared and swallowed it quickly. The cooking cakes also attacked quickly, and they all began to swallow it.
Su Yu reminded again: “Be careful to burst yourself, especially Chubing! Doubao, be optimistic about Chubing, forget it, Maoqiu, be optimistic about you, don’t let her eat too much!”
Chubing is at a loss, why Say me?
But the fur ball quickly fell on the cue ball, a little sad, Ma Ma looked not very clever!
Even Xiangxiang’s had a special reminder