“Third, the danger will definitely increase, and the relics you may have will inevitably be coveted by more people! ”
I’m talking about more people, maybe including some Invincible?”
Zhu Tiandao took a deep breath and said: “Su Yu, are you sure it is spreading, not privately?”
Su Yu sternly said: “I will not go to hell, who will go to hell! For the human race, for the civilized teacher, I am willing to take this 南京龙凤论坛 big risk, only hope that everyone in the human realm can become a civilized teacher, of course, these dangers, I hope that all mankind will know , Because I want them to understand that I dare to fight and are not afraid of danger!” The
subtext is, these crises, you have to spread to me, so that all mankind knows how much I have paid for everyone!
Even if it’s more serious, Su Yu thought it over. If nothing happened, let people publicize it. Who was assassinated, I was seriously injured, and I was lucky enough to escape. This is what the Chief Niu said. I have done a good thing and must let all mankind. know!
No one knows if you do a good thing, it is equivalent to not doing it. Only the crying child will get milk.
People came to assassinate me at two ends of the day, and all this is for everyone!
I did not expect this before engaging in the artifice method!
A great opportunity was wasted. Although everyone admired Su Yu’s talents, they didn’t think it was too dangerous. They only felt that he made a lot of money and received much attention
. Su Yu, what they 南京水磨会所 need to know is not this, but how much he is. Difficult, short sell miserable!
At this moment, Zhu Tiandao’s face was a little stiff.
You or him, can you not pretend that way in front of me?
For all mankind?
so good?
“Then your condition is”
“There are no conditions. According to the rules, it will be divided into 10 for universities and 30 for Dafu.”
Su Yu said this, quickly said: “In addition, the cost of dissemination is reduced. This is for those who are