person had Dowling Gray syndrome and was particularly afraid of aging. He had undergone plastic surgery many times and used a lot of cosmetics.

According to police information, the woman had disappeared 南京龙凤论坛 six months ago. The place where she last appeared was in Fanghuayuan Community.
Chen Ge was also stunned when he saw the place name, but he quickly felt relieved that it was just a coincidence.
Walking quickly towards the exit of the passage, through all the scenes, Chen Ge finally found the exit of Tian Teng Hospital.
A long-lost light appeared at the end of the dim passage. Just a few meters away from the entrance of the passage, six or seven people huddled together, slowly moving forward with bitter expressions.
“What are you doing?” Chen Ge took the tape recorder and walked towards several people.
“Wait a minute!” The person in charge directly shouted at Chen Ge with a loudspeaker, “Are you okay?”
“What can I do? You don’t think I’m possessed by a ghost?” Chen Ge walked past the person in charge and six or seven 南京419论坛 haunted house employees nonchalantly: “Your haunted house is safe, but I want to remind you. You say, people are doing it, the sky is watching, ghosts and gods are not so easy to earn money.”
Walking out of the door of the haunted house, the light was a bit dazzling, and seeing Chen Ge coming out, all the tourists’ eyes were on him.
This is a strongman who enters the haunted house and scares all the “ghosts” out of the haunted house. He is also a tourist, with the same scene, but playing at a different height.
Chapter 200 Next time you come to my haunted house to play, it is
highly anticipated, but Chen Ge did not stay idle. He just received a call from Team Yan. The news about the mental illness of the third ward made him a little uneasy.
Heshan and Gao Ruxue squeezed out the crowd and ran in front of Chen Ge: “What did you do to the haunted house actors?”
“What can I do to the haunted house actors as a tourist?” Chen Ge raised his brows: “Talk about you